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Why do I have to pay screens/setup charges?
Each print/colour has to have a screen of its own, emulsion coats the screen,
then it has to be exposed using an exposure unit, it takes around an hour to prepare the screen

for printing, then the emulsion costs, electricity, useage of the exposure bulb, tape and blockout,
and then the cleaning out and reclaiming of the screens after use, all in all it takes around 2 hours,
on top of the screen setup the cost includes the printing of the positive film which includes printer costs.
We can keep your screens to be used again, but only for continuous re-orders (this does not mean once a year orders)

Why do i need to supply artwork at 300dpi?
To get a clean sharp print artwork needs to be prepared at actual print size and 300dpi (dots per inch)

If you look at the artwork you have prepared (at 100% zoom in your art package) check the lines and the edges
if they are not as sharp as you would like to see on your t shirt, then they wont print as sharp, basically the
print will be only as good as your artwork.
We can print with lower resolution artwork if that is all that is available but for the best print results 300dpi.

Can't you just resize my artwork to the size you require?
Resizing lower resolution artwork causes the edges to become jagged and not suitable for a great print.
It also can introduce colour corruptions which make it more difficult on the colour seperation on multicolour prints.

Why aren't the prices on the website?
We aim to be the most competitive t shirt printers in UK, we have to constantly check our prices to make sure
we are offering our customers the best available price.

We do not have the time to constantly update our website prices.

How do I know what the colours are without seeing them?

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